Delay in Diagnosis of Cancer — A Common Malpractice Problem

Despite many advances in detection technologies and cancer screening protocols, delays and misdiagnosis of cancer are far too common. The best defense against cancer is early detection. Patients are advised to be aware of the screening guidelines set by their physician or health plan, and also to educate themselves about cancer screening. See the American Cancer Society's Cancer Screening Guidelines.

Below is a sampling of the type of cancer cases that we have successfully settled this past year related to delays in the diagnosis of cancer:
Thyroid Cancer - $1.75 Million Settlement 
Repeated failures to test enlarged thyroid for cancer and allegedly spoilated primary care records leads to settlement 
Liver Cancer - $1 Million Settlement
Failure to monitor for liver cancer in Asian man with history of Hepatitis B 
Lung Cancer - $1 Million Settlement
Lawsuit claims woman's lung cancer detection was delayed by 1 year
Kidney Cancer - $1.5 Million Settlement
57-year-old man dies from delay in diagnosis of kidney cancer
To learn more about the cancer cases we have successfully resolved, please see our Verdicts and Settlements archive.

If you have a question about a possible delay in the diagnosis of cancer, please do not hesitate to contact us for a case evaluation at no cost.

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