$3.5 Million Verdict in Trial of ER Doc Found Liable in Death of 12-year-old Boy

Adam R. Satin, an attorney with Lubin & Meyer, a law firm licensed to practice in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, won a $3.5 million judgment in nearby Plymouth County against an emergency room doctor in the trial over the death of a 12-year-old boy.

On October 22, 2012, after an 8-day medical malpractice and wrongful death trial, the jury returned a verdict that will result in judgment being entered against former Good Samaritan Medical Center Emergency Room doctor, Carmine Williams, M.D., in the amount of $3,582,831.

The lawsuit involved the death of 12-year-old Alberto Fernandes, whose mother brought claims against the emergency room physician after her son was kept waiting in the ER for almost 3½ hours even though the hospital did not have the appropriate neurosurgical personnel available to treat his malfunctioning brain shunt.

Attorney Satin was successful in proving to the jury that the doctor was negligent when she failed to recognize the emergent nature of the patient’s condition, resulting in an undue delay in his transfer to an appropriate facility with neurosurgical capabilities. Said Satin, “Dr. Williams cost this child 45 critical minutes at the outset of his time in the Emergency Room and then went on with her other patients while Alberto languished there as his clinical condition and head pain got worse and worse over time — all because she failed to recognize how critical his condition was.”

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