Newborn's Brain Damage at Rhode Island Hospital Brings $4 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

Washington County, RI — Lubin & Meyer attorneys have reached a settlement in a medical malpractice case involving a newborn's brain damage suffered while in care in a Rhode Island hospital's nursery. The lawsuit claims that the maternity nurses caring for the baby breached the 'standard of care' when they failed to follow the pediatricians orders that breastfeeding be supplemented by formula. The newborn became hypoglycemic with a critically low glucose level and suffered brain injuries resulting in sensor disorders and developmental delays.

Attorney for the plaintiff, William J. Thompson, claimed these violations of the standard of care resulted in hypoglycemia which has caused permanent neurological injuries and impairments.

The the full Medical Malpractice Trial Report is available on the firm's main website at: Settlement for Newborn's Brain Damage Is $4 Million.

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